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RE: .org is a public trust

Historical Context
In June 2002, The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium teamed up to submit a proposal to ICANN to become the .org TLD operator. At the end of the bidding process, the following 632 comments of support were accounted for at our web site. In addition to these comments, 389 supporters added a little blue dot to their web sites. Of course, Googilla kept tracking the dot long after the final tally.

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Subject: You have my support
Posted by Stian Trana at 09.19.02 @ 11.21 PM
Non-profit! Thats the thing that matters!
Besides, if it works DONT fix it! You have my support!
Best of luck!!

Subject: I'm behind ya!
Posted by Brent Garber at 09.19.02 @ 09.14 PM

Subject: .org vs. .com
Posted by Jelena Pjesivac at 09.19.02 @ 12.58 PM
Your bid has my support

Subject: word is bond
Posted by Joel Faucett at 09.19.02 @ 10.32 AM
Your bid has my support.

Subject: The only competitor with clean hands and a sound vision?
Posted by Kenno Vanommeslaeghe at 09.19.02 @ 06.33 AM
After having visited the websites of the competition (exept the one of the .org foundation that was down at the moment -- what a display of reliability), I found out most of them are commercial or have strong bands with commercial organisations (and I think we all agree that this is not the way to run something entirely aimed at non-profit). As for the others, UIA doesn't seem to have much experience or vision, and the Dot Org foundation seems to be an odd mix of all kinds of different interests. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, I personally rather would put my trust in IMS/ISC. So beside all positive arguments why IMS/ISC should win, here's a negative argument: the others are less worth supporting.

Subject: You have my full support
Posted by Andreas Bergstr¯m at 09.19.02 @ 03.59 AM
all tlds should be handled by non-commcial public entities.

Subject: Remember the .org/.com differences!
Posted by Wouter Thielen at 09.18.02 @ 08.06 AM
The .org TLD must remain a non-profit TLD, and henceforth should be managed by a non-profit organization, and the IMS/ISC is the only candidate conforming to that requirement.

I hereby support IMS/ISC to have the .org TLD managed.

Subject: Adding my support
Posted by Geoff Sheridan at 09.18.02 @ 03.11 AM
I support the IMC bid. Geoff Sheridan, Webmaster, London UK

Subject: I hereby register my voice in this matter.
Posted by Zach Collins at 09.18.02 @ 01.04 AM

As witnessed by the previous attempt to manage the .ORG TLD, a for-profit company cannot adequately perform this task to the RFC specifications involved. As witnessed by the undisclosed clients of the reviewing consultancy for registrar proposals, neither can such companies be trusted to adequately review their own qualifications for this matter.

The .ORG TLD is not only a public trust, it is a sacred trust. Attempting to profit from it damages its sanctity, its respectability, its integrity. Were I to begin turning a profit from a .org address, I would attempt to register or otherwise utilise a .com in its place, as a matter of course. This is simply good ethical and moral business practice.

It is easy to give in to greed and dishonesty for most people. I believe that this not-for-profit group is much less likely to do so, due the the fact of its organizational status. Non-profits are not exempt from ethical failures, but they are more strictly bound to spend their monies in pursuit of the common good.

Not only that, but the IMS/ISC group most certainly does have the technical knowhow to perform these tasks. I believe in them and their capacity for reliable, ethical service. ICANN appears to believe in money over integrity, and bureaucratic theory over proven capability.

Which would you choose?

Subject: Remember it's .org
Posted by Jon Larabee at 09.17.02 @ 07.23 PM
I whole heartedly support this movement. .org or organization. Who better to run things than the mantainer of Bind himself? Obviously there can be nothing better in my eyes than the power of the net laying in its citizens, not in some money grabbing, private enterprise. After all, it makes sense. The job is best done by those who love to do it, not those with alterior motives.

Subject: Keep .org non-profit
Posted by Adrian Glover at 09.17.02 @ 10.56 AM
The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium are the only choice to become the .org TLD operator.

Subject: my support
Posted by Keith Hunt at 09.17.02 @ 08.45 AM
The IMS/ISC proposal to become the .org TLD operator has my full support. Keith Hunt
Assistant Director
Internet & Server Systems
The University of Akron

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