Exploring the Internet

A Technical Travelogue

by Carl Malamud

[Author of A World's Fair for the Global Village]

Foreword and Preface, in which we secure funding for a voyage which will take us three times around the world in six months and give new meaning to the phrase "many fine lunches and dinners."

Prologue: The Document Liberation Front, in which we delve into the abyss of international politics and wade through hordes of Jehovah's Witnesses to examine a Bulgarian FEP.

Round 1: From INTEROP to IETF, in which we meet the Internet Samurai and the Uncle of the NSFNet and go to the zoo to witness the birth of EBONE.

Round 2: From Christmas to Cleveland, in which we encounter a massively parallel bicycle in Mt. View, find magic boxes in Oz, and go swimming in the Sea of Acronyms in Europe.

Round 3: In Search of a Standards Haven, in which we meet the world's most intelligent building, try to convince people to do the bloody obvious, and learn the origins of the Internet.


Copyright © 1992, 1997 Carl Malamud
CC-Zero; 2009
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