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On May 14, 1998, the unthinkable occurred for Frank Sinatra fans, Their beloved Chairman of the Board passed away.

The next day, the media frenzy and race for ratings began. Major networks ran specials they had in the can for months in anticipation of his death. Newspapers ran pre-written obits, filling the blanks with last-minute specifics. All the major news and entertainment web sites released interactive specials, complete with QuickTime, ShockWave, RealAudio and Java.

Back on the Internet, the fans decided to create a tribute of their own. Blue-Eyes.Com. a popular independent fan site, was inundated with outpourings of grief...essays, letters, poems, song lyrics and exclusive photos. A tribute site was created that day using the incoming contributions as content, many of which continued to flow in until the wee small hours of the morning:

“This site was built in the days following Frank Sinatra's death by fans all over the world. There was no plan...who can think about such dreaded events? What you are looking at came straight from the heart.

Frank brought a lot of joy to a lot of people's lives when he was on this planet. I guess, in some small way, we're trying to pay him back.

Thanks Mr. Sinatra, for the inspiration and for all that beautiful music.”



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Text Express RETRO - Audio production.
Text Express Special thanks to the Sinatra fans everywhere.



Project Cool...
“You've seen the hype now look at this Sighting and see the tribute the fans built.”
“The Chairman of the Board has passed away; long live his legacy, his music... in tribute to one of the greatest singers of our time, Frank Sinatra, this week's What's Cool site is Blue-Eyes.Com. He was the Cream of the Crop, the King of the Hill, and this website gives him the full tribute he deserves. You can send in your letter to the site, browse the music selections (in Real Audio), and peruse the collectibles. Know someone who's a real Sinatra fan? Send them a Sinatragram. There are many other places on this site of interest to Sinatra fans; there's a forum for meeting other fans, cool paraphernalia for sale, and listening to some old classic Sinatra tunes. Sinatra fans, don't miss out on this site; those other big news outfits may have tributes too, but this one has class and soul.”

Cincinnati Post...
“'I was inundated with responses, tributes and outpourings of grief,' [webchick] reports. Sinatra fans sent essays, letters, poems and song lyrics. Between 200 and 300 responses in a few hours. Over a million hits by Monday morning. That's because People magazine, MSNBC and CNN all linked to her site. But it was the fans who moved [her] the most. Walker Joe Jackson, a 50-year Sinatra watcher, submitted a life of the crooner in verse that he had been composing for years, tacking on the final section when he heard the news on Friday. One woman wrote that Frank was responsible for each of her five children. Not that he parented them; rather his tunes put her in a reproductive mood. A fellow named 'Red' Mascara (could he be from Guys and Dolls?) posted a copy of sheet music to a song called 'I'm From New Jersey' that he wrote and Sinatra published. Mascara has been campaigning for 36 years to get the Garden State to adopt it as the state song.”



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