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“Possessed of the quantum magic that will take humankind anywhere, can we speculate that there is no longer need of the bulky structures and grating mechanisms of the Newtonian past? But to banish them is to banish memory, individuality, and place.”
- Thomas Garver, Serving Places

 Rescued Works - Refurbished and Republished for Internet Posterity

  • Internet Multicasting Service - Formerly a nonprofit public research corporation. Rescued 10.10.05. [history]

  • bulk.resource.org - 17 years and 50 gigs of government data. Rescued 08.30.01.

  • The Duke Ellington Society - An appreciation of the great Duke Ellington. Rescued 07.04.01. [history]

  • Ella Fitzgerald: 1917-1996 - A loving tribute to the First Lady of Song. Rescued 08.11.00. [history]

  • Remembering Frank - The legacy is the music. Rescued 09.28.03. [history]

  • Mappa.Mundi Magazine - What do you see when you see cyberspace? Rescued 12.29.00. [history]

     Living Works - Sites with a Life of Their Own maintained by Someone Else

  • The SEC's EDGAR Database - Financial markets need transparent information. [history]

  • Private Art - World War II Letters To And From Home [history]

     World Wide Cobweb - Alive but a Bit Dusty

  • public.resource.org - The Hacker Tax Credit and the Patent debacle.

  • The Phone Company - A conspiracy with Marshall T. Rose and Arlington Hewes.

  • Internet Talk Radio - Home of Geek of the Week and other digital productions.

  • The Internet 1996 World Exposition - A world's fair for the information age.

  • The North Pole - Home of surly elves and the Night Before Christmas.

  • The Aw Taw Kaw Market - Home of shrimp the size of your arm.

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  •  The medium is NOT the message. 
     Think globally, act locally, conserve digitally.