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Alpo Beefy Burger Treat Alpo $1.69
Your dog is no ordinary dog. So don't give him an ordinary treat. Alpo Beefy Burgers are scrumptious treats made with the real beef dogs love. Alpo Beefy...
AVO-LITE Formulated for Older or Less Active Dogs Avo-Derm $23.98
The unique food formula offers a complete and balanced diet to provide optimum nutrition for older or less active dogs or dogs that tend to be overweight...
CatDog: Together Forever Paramount Home Video eToys $11.95
Cat and Dog are inseparable, not that they have a choice. They love each other, but they're like night and day, oil and water--well, like cat and dog. Cat is...
Ceramic Dog Bowl $18.00
The subject of dog dishes might seem like a simple one. But there's actually a specific type that's best for your dog. Puppies and short-nosed dogs do well...
Diamond Dogs $13.48
Dog Man Star $12.99
Easy Dog Training and Care $19.95
Dog experts agree that careful obedience training can give your dog a happier and healthier life. With the help of this interactive CD-ROM, it's easy to get...
Eukanuba Premium Performance Adult Formula Dry Dog Food Iams $9.28
Do you have a high-energy canine? Address your pet's active lifestyle with the optimum nutrition in this premium food. Real chicken is the first ingredient...
Greeting Card Caravan $3.25
FRONT:   Year of the Dog INSIDE:   [blank]
Greeting Card Heavy Duty Productions $2.25
FRONT:   Mad Dog Bad Dog Rad Dog INSIDE:   Happy Birthday Old Dog
Greeting Card Pal Press $2.25
FRONT:   Good Dog Bad Dog INSIDE:   [blank]
High Hopes Puppy Formula High Hopes $4.49
This complete, balanced formula for puppies contains high-quality chicken protein. Dogs love the special flavor! Every sale of this premium food gives hope...
High Hopes Senior Formula High Hopes $5.49
This complete, balanced formula for senior dogs contains high-quality chicken protein. Dogs love the special flavor! Every sale of this premium food gives...
Innotek Smart Dog Advanced Trainer Innotek $154.99
The Smart Dog Advanced Trainer offers four levels of harmless but effective electronic stimulation, plus good and bad tones to help you reinforce obedience...
Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food Mighty Dog $13.98
Pound for pound, small dogs burn more calories and expend more energy than big dogs. Mighty Dog has over 25 years experience meeting the special needs of...
Milk Bone Flavor Snacks Milk-Bone $1.99
Does your dog like variety? Keep a stash of Milk Bone flavor snacks on hand in beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and vegetable flavors.
Nutro Natural Choice Lite Canned Nutro $12.99
Need a lower calorie food for an overweight or calorie-restricted dog? This nutritionally balanced food offers all the healthy nutrients and protein a canine...
Thompson's Pasta Plus Canned Dog Food Thompson's Pasta Plus $10.99
Feeding your dog this unique canned food is like feeding him beef stroganoff. Real beef chunks and pasta noodles pour smoothly out of the flip-top can. It...
Vitakraft Glazed Mini Bones Vitakraft $1.99
Treat your dog with Glazed Mini Bones. They're small, crunchy biscuits with a beefy coating.
Vitakraft Sandwich Bones Vitakraft $8.99
Treats that combine the meaty taste dogs love with a traditional bone shape. Two layers of crunchy biscuit are separated by a meat and bone-marrow rich filling.

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