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RE: .org is a public trust

Historical Context
In June 2002, The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium teamed up to submit a proposal to ICANN to become the .org TLD operator. At the end of the bidding process, the following 632 comments of support were accounted for at our web site. In addition to these comments, 389 supporters added a little blue dot to their web sites. Of course, Googilla kept tracking the dot long after the final tally.

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Subject: Creeping Commercialisation
Posted by Tom Macdonald at 10.31.02 @ 09.35 AM
the .org concept fits into what we call "public spaces" - and in the last century these public spaces have diminished in both quality and quantity; areas where people can come together both physically and virtually are vital for social wellbeing. I don't want to exist only between my workplace, my house and a shopping mall - and I don't want our www to be only a business or a virtual shopping mall.

Subject: support
Posted by Spencer Teran at 10.27.02 @ 08.29 PM
you have my support

Subject: .org should be run as a non-profit by a non-profit!
Posted by Deric Scott at 10.24.02 @ 05.09 AM
Once .org is run as a for-profit TLD, those non-profit institutions that are currently using this TLD will not be able to afford to use it!

Subject: .org
Posted by Charles D. Cox at 10.23.02 @ 07.18 PM
I hope the www doesn't go the way of radio.

Subject: Support for ISC's bid for dot org management
Posted by Bert Bee-Lindgren at 10.23.02 @ 10.24 AM
I agree with your approach to running the .org TLDs as a public trust is much better than those that would treat it as a profit center.

Subject: Support for IMS/ISC bid
Posted by Rob Collins (B'ham AL US) at 10.21.02 @ 09.27 AM
I am disappointed and somewhat alarmed by ICANN's track record of awarding domains without regard for the public interest (as any sane adult would define it). Assigning the .org domain to IMS/ISC would tend to change my opinion of ICANN for the better. Without a doubt, IMS/ISC are the people who should handle registration in the .org domain.

Subject: My support!
Posted by Aredridel at 10.18.02 @ 12.45 PM
The .org domain when it was opened to general registrations was a big loss to the internet community. It encouraged more widening and a loss of depth in the namespace, and there's no clear non-profit oriented TLD any longer. The proposal has my full support Aredridel
Administrator of the NBTSC Community server,

Subject: support
Posted by Aadesh at 10.12.02 @ 03.54 AM

Subject: .org OUGHT to be a public trust!
Posted by Greg Lundberg at 10.06.02 @ 01.51 PM
..and it should be able to ban registrants who abuse its namespace.

Subject: support
Posted by pl at 09.28.02 @ 07.28 PM
.org is for everyone in the cyberworld!!!

Subject: .org must be for evryone
Posted by Karim at 09.27.02 @ 03.26 PM
Like the opensource , the dot org must go open and free to collaborate into web developpement, one name for free is nothing towards others such .net and .com , so come on let's fly !

Subject: Not-for-profit is the way to go!
Posted by Matthew Pusey at 09.27.02 @ 01.59 PM
Last time I checked .org stands for "organisation" not "commercialisation". Go IMS!

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