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RE: .org is a public trust

Historical Context
In June 2002, The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium teamed up to submit a proposal to ICANN to become the .org TLD operator. At the end of the bidding process, the following 632 comments of support were accounted for at our web site. In addition to these comments, 389 supporters added a little blue dot to their web sites. Of course, Googilla kept tracking the dot long after the final tally.

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Subject: Mmm, dots...
Posted by Daniel Kenyon Jones at 09.26.02 @ 04.05 PM
.org should be unrestricted

Subject: I give my support...
Posted by Antoine Delvaux at 09.25.02 @ 07.05 AM
... and the support of the non for profit organization I'm in called Cassiopea. I think you are working in the same direction as we are, trying to make internet an InTERREnet, a real place for non for profit organizations with more freedom and equity.

ps: In french TERRE means EARTH.

Subject: More support for IMS/ISC
Posted by Bas Doeksen [via bot] at 09.23.02 @ 09.31 PM
In my years of experience as a software and Internet professional I have learned that there are several things you can rely on and several that you can't. You can rely on those 'invisible' pieces of software that keep the Internet (and our local network) working: DNS, BIND, root files, routers. You can not rely on companies that suddenly appear, grow quickly and whose concept of values consists solely of shareholder value. They do not tend to be around for very long. You can rely on a relatively small group of people who have actually defined and built the Internet as we know it, who have the intelligence and knowledge and have shown their commitment over the years.

Having seen the different offerings for managing the .org domain I must say I am most impressed by the IMS/ISC one. These are the people we need and this is a party we need: non-profit, no corporate interests in the background and very experienced. These people actually wrote DNS/BIND. They know what they are talking about. Their board is quite impressive as well. I am convinced they are the most reliable organization ICANN could choose for this domain.

Yours sincerely,
Bas Doeksen,

Subject: Your .org proposal
Posted by Kriselda Jarnsaxa at 09.23.02 @ 12.18 PM
It is my hope that your proposal will be accepted. I think your idea of running the .org TLDs as a public trust and not as a profit center is an excellent idea, and one that would be of great value to the online community

Subject: You have my support...
Posted by Taggert Siegel at 09.23.02 @ 07.13 AM
Technically, you sound very competent, and non-commercial makes a big difference in my book. Plus Illiad @ userfriendly linked to you, and his support makes ya sound even better.

Subject: casting my vote of support
Posted by linda andrews at 09.23.02 @ 06.01 AM
Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium have my support to assume the .org TLD operator.

Subject: Good mojo comming your way
Posted by Tore Cherly Naesheim at 09.22.02 @ 11.34 PM
Hope you get it, caus we need it to be up and running 24-7!

Subject: You have my support
Posted by Dale Linegar at 09.22.02 @ 05.03 PM
You have my support guys - you seem to be in it for the right reasons. Best of luck.

Subject: I trust you
Posted by Jonas Bofj”ll at 09.22.02 @ 06.16 AM
Not only should .org be non-profit, but it is also important that it is run on a solid technical basis. I trust you are the most compentent competitor. The .org TLD is a well rooted domain and many depend on its future.

Subject: You have my full support
Posted by Serge Boucher at 09.22.02 @ 04.02 AM
The .org tld is aimed at non-profit organisations, so I don't believe it can be efficiently managed by anything else than a non-profit organisation.
What's more, you look like you have the most expertise of the bidding companies, and I believe that's just as important to manage the domain effectively.

Subject: You have my support
Posted by Elliot Glaysher at 09.20.02 @ 08.56 AM
The .org TLD should MUST be run by a non-profit. You have my support.

Subject: ORG should be run with non-profit aproach
Posted by Ricardo Valfreixo at 09.20.02 @ 01.33 AM
and i think you're the best to make that possible. behind you 150% Vx

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