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RE: .org is a public trust

Historical Context
In June 2002, The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium teamed up to submit a proposal to ICANN to become the .org TLD operator. At the end of the bidding process, the following 632 comments of support were accounted for at our web site. In addition to these comments, 389 supporters added a little blue dot to their web sites. Of course, Googilla kept tracking the dot long after the final tally.

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Subject: .org should be run by a non-profit...
Posted by Troy Baer at 09.17.02 @ 08.11 AM
The absurdity of having a TLD designated for non-profit organizations run by a for-profit company is too silly even for Monty Python. Let .org be run by the people who designed DNS in the first place. --Troy

Subject: Keep up the ORG!
Posted by Alexandre Gilis at 09.17.02 @ 08.07 AM
You have my full support.

Subject: .org should be non-profit!
Posted by Matthijs at 09.17.02 @ 05.15 AM
the .org domain is _the_ domain to be managed by a non-profit organisation!

Subject: I'm with you.
Posted by Jessica Davis at 09.16.02 @ 07.14 PM
I wholeheartedly support your cause. It's terrific what you're doing. Congratulations.

Subject: The Internet is free!!!
Posted by Adriano R. Guerreiro Laranjeira at 09.16.02 @ 11.46 AM
We must keep the capitalist sharks from the domain that is made for the non-profit organizations. Alive the freedom, and the right of choice of the people! 8-)
Adriano R.Guerreiro Laranjeira
So Bernardo do Campo
SP, Brasil!

Subject: my support
Posted by andre passamani at 09.16.02 @ 11.30 AM
Keep '.org' outta commercial interests!

Subject: My Support
Posted by Srinath at 09.16.02 @ 06.15 AM
Its only to say ......

Subject: My Full Support
Posted by Anthony Carmody at 09.15.02 @ 08.10 PM
I herby give my full Support for The Internet Multicasting Service and the Internet Software Consortium to become the .org TLD operator.

Subject: Support for IMS/ISC Proposal
Posted by Rob Szarka at 09.15.02 @ 08.05 PM
As the operator of several name servers and the owner, administrator, and/or technical contact for dozens of .org domains, I couldn't care less whether the operator of the .org registry "makes a profit". I do care a great deal whether they run their service competently and in the spirit of a public trust. For that reason, I support IMS/ISC in their bid.

Subject: You have my vote! Non-profit is always good.
Posted by Markus Hanauska at 09.14.02 @ 08.19 PM
Non-profit is always good. Why? Because people must understand that not everything in life is about profit. Profit is important if you want to run a business, but not everything in life is a business. There are other values that are to be rated higher than capitalism.

Subject: You've got my vote
Posted by Aaron Howell at 09.14.02 @ 05.20 PM
.org should be run by a not-for-profit, and this is the best one I've seen so far.

Subject: .org TLD
Posted by Douglas G. Turner at 09.14.02 @ 03.12 PM
I strongly believe that .org MUST remain a public trust and be maintained by a non-profit entity. As for expertise, the maintainer of BIND might be adequately qualified.

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