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Ella Fitzgerald:1917-1996
The First Lady Of Song
The GAS Audio Edition: Part Four
Hear an audio interview with Will Friedwald

Ella simply is what great pop singing is all about.

If you need a reason why it's worth all the trouble to develop a beautiful voice, achieve perfect intonation, a flawless sense of rhythm, concentrate on the Great American Songbook and work with the best musicians, you need look no further than Lady Ella Fitzgerald.
spaceShe personified jazz for more than 60 years and, perhaps more significantly, earned the undying affection of a mass audience comparable to that of any pop icon. When she passed away last June, it deeply affected many people both inside and outside the music industry. "There's a breeze blowing across this land now that she's gone," mourned vocalist Jon Hendricks in an interview with Entertainment Weekly (July 12, 1996).
space This site, initially conceived by Will Friedwald, respected jazz critic and author, and webchick, an impassioned independent content developer, has developed into a global celebration of Ella's life and music. In a four-part premiere GAS Audio Edition interview, host Marty Lucas interviews Friedwald on the late jazz diva's remarkable career and the impact it has had on music today.

The GAS Audio Edition
ELLA, Part 4

Previous broadcasts of the GAS Audio Edition are archived in our Listen to the Lady section. If you are having difficulty accessing our streaming RealAudio shows, they are also available in downloadable format.

In the final segment of this GAS Audio Edition interview with author Will Friedwald, we learn a little about the personal life of the late Ella Fitzgerald, and host Marty Lucas asks about the present and future influence of the First Lady of Song. Musical Selection: "Angel Eyes" (Matt Dennis-Earl K. Brent) Sy Oliver, arranger and conductor, with his orchestra. Recorded June 26, 1952. Decca 83012/De 28707.

Next on GAS Audio Edition: The personal life of the late Ella Fitzgerald, and her present and future influence on music.

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Special thanks to the many fans of Ella, whose contributions to this site continue to make it the most fitting tribute of all.

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