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The Carnegie Hall Tribute
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Ella Fitzgerald's influence knew no boundaries.

It goes without saying that Ella Fitzgerald was one of the most influential jazz singers of all time. But her special relationship with her fans is one attribute of her illustrious career that may at times go unnoticed. As her son Ray Brown, Jr. announced to many of her fans at the Carnegie Hall Tribute in her honor last July, "When you went home after a concert and talked about her, she went home and talked about you."
spaceThis section is a testament to that reciprocated appreciation. But don't thank us (as many of you have), we are just the publishers. It is your contributions that make this section special...and it certainly didn't take long after the launch of this site for these heart-felt tributes to start pouring in.
spaceSo, enjoy what others have to say about Ella on these pages, several of which classify as full-blown essays. And if you feel so inclined send us your own thoughts.

We read and cherish every one.

 Ella would.

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